What is EWP and what is it for?

Erasmus Without Paper was a combination of 2 Erasmus+ projects co-funded by the the European Commission from 2015 till the end of 2019. Above all, it is about a dream coming true. Erasmus Without Paper is bringing Erasmus administration into the 21st century by going digital. For the most recent information on the overall initiative and how to make it happen

The Erasmus without Paper initiative is about

Replacing a paper-based workflow by a digital one. Administrative practices in Erasmus are still largely paper based. Erasmus Without Paper stands for a digital workflow that leaves no university behind by facilitating the exchange of data instead of written (also PDF) documents. EWP is an inclusive network and leaves no university behind.
Tackling the administrative workload for students and staff. Both mobile students and staff supporting student exchanges need to process a lot of documents and procedures that leads to a huge workload. The workload can be heavily reduced by embracing technology.
Creating free public infrastructure. Erasmus Without Paper is creating public infrastructure that facilitates a digital administrative workflow. It goes without saying that this infrastructure will be freely available for end users.
Streamlining technical solutions for student mobility. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Erasmus Without Paper aims to streamline existing technical solutions by bringing tools together and connecting them through a network.

EWP Status

Take your university one step ahead with the EWP network, developed and still being developed standards. You can find the documentation published on the network here


KION Exchanger is Ready for Use.


IIAs, LAs, CNRs, Mobilities, Nominations, Statistics.


In Use

Interinstitutional Agreements API allows partners to compare their copies of interinstitutional Erasmus+ mobility agreements with each other, which makes it easier to spot errors.


In Use

Learning Agreements services with courses list and details. LA is an official Erasmus document, which sets out the programme of the studies to be followed abroad and must be approved by the student, the sending, and the receiving institution before the start of the exchange.


In Use

Change Notification Receiver can be used and automated with Exchanger as Notification Services. Institutions can receive notifications in mutual agreements.


In Use

Outgoing and incoming mobility services integration. It covers not only students but also academic and administrative staff.


In Use

Outgoing and incoming mobility services integration. It is the transmission of the outgoing and incoming person’s information to the counter institution.


In Use

Various statistics obtained from nomination, LA, IIA transactions are reported as infographics. The generated statistical data can be exported in various file formats.


In Use

Sharing all Learning Opportunity Specification of HEI’s in EWP. Also reaching other HEI’s LOS’es. Using this APIs in Learning Agreements for automatic recognition of mobility course components.

Transcript of Records (ToR)


The start of the another big journey which is called Open Badges and Microcredentials. Sharing and fetching Transcript of Records of every mobility in EWP.


CNR done so far


Universities included in the EWP network




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